Briefing Paper #4, LD4PE Overview, describes the IMLS-funded Linked Data for Professional Education (LD4PE) project that is developing a competency-based prototype referatory of learning resources for teaching and learning Linked Data practices in design, implementation, and management. The Briefing describes the project’s milestones including the RFD-based competency framework that will drive the indexing of Linked Data learning┬áresource descriptions to the knowledge, skills, and habits of mind those resources address.

The briefing describes the nature of the competency framework and the crowd-sourcing of expertise being used in its development. In addition, the Briefing discusses the toolkit of AngularJS editors under development for both creating of the competency framework and the learning resource descriptions.

Briefing URL: https://ld4pe.dublincore.org/briefing-papers/ld4peoverview/