Project Charter

The Professional and Education Training Task Group is the DCMI home for work being undertaken on the Linked Data for Professional Educators (LD4PE) project under the jurisdiction of the DCMI Education & Outreach Committee. LD4PE is funded by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS).

As described in the project¬†proposal, the project “will develop the Exploring Linked Data website to support the structured discovery of the learning resources available online by open educational resource (OER) and commercial providers. At the heart of Exploring Linked Data will be a competency framework for Linked Data that supports indexing learning resources according to the specific competencies, skills, and knowledge they address. To do this, Exploring Linked Data will itself leverage Linked Data technology by assigning global identifiers (URIs) to statements of competency, then citing those URIs in metadata descriptions of learning resources.”

The University of Washington will lead the development of Exploring Linked Data and underlying technical and data infrastructure in partnership with Kent State University, the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative (DCMI), Sungkyunkwan University Institute of Information and Management (Korea), OCLC, Elsevier, and Synaptica. Time frame for the project work is from December 1, 2014 through November 30, 2016.

The intent is that Exploring Linked Data will continue to be supported by DCMI and its members as part of DCMI’s larger education and outreach activities, and be used in other activities as appropriate once the project is completed. The project is open to participation from others, and will be using this wiki as a way to gather input and advice from interested individuals and organizations during the development of Exploring Linked Data, both informally and through formal validation and testing exercises.