The project Linked Data for Professional Education (LD4PE), funded between 2014 and 2017 by the Institute of Museum and Library Studies (IMLS) and lead by the University of Washington Information School, developed a web-based exploratorium to support structured discovery of online learning resources about Linked Data. The project produced this website, which has been converted into a static site for preservation, and a Linked Data Competency Index. DCMI will keep this site online on a "best effort" basis as long as resources permit. The Internet Archive's Wayback Machine should be regarded as the source of archival copies for the long term.

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Understands that resources are declared to be members (instances) of classes using the property rdf:type.

SKOS in a Nutshell

Overview of SKOS, in which the presenter asserts that SKOS is not a competitor of RDF Schema or OWL but an application of RDF Schema [...]

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Linked Data, Life Sciences, and RDF Stores – Exploration and Demonstration

There is an explosion of linked RDF datasets in the life sciences domain. In practice, the exploration of these data sources is far from trivial. [...]

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An Introduction to RDF Schema

This slide presentation discusses RDF Schema, including classes, sub-classes, and instances. Concepts such as domain and range, datatypes and literals, labels and comments are also [...]

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RDFS Introduction

RDF Schema is the basic schema language commonly used in the Semantic Web technology stack. It is lightweight and relatively easy to use. In fact, [...]

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Previous lessons in this module introduced both RDF Schema and OWL as data modeling languages for describing RDF data. So which should you use? This [...]

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RDF 1.1 Primer

This primer is designed to provide the reader with the basic knowledge required to effectively use RDF. It introduces the basic concepts of RDF and [...]

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