The Competency Index for Linked Data (CI) is a set of topically arranged assertions of the knowledge, skills and habits of mind required for professional practice in the area of Linked Data. Its primary goal is to provide a means for mapping learning resource descriptions to the competencies those resources address to assist in finding, identifying, and selecting resources appropriate to specific learning needs.

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The structure of the CI is:

Topical Cluster » Topic » Competency » Benchmark

The The number following each node (e.g. “(4)”) indicates the number of learning resource descriptions mapped to that competency/benchmark.

For a published example of this same four-part topical/competency model being followed in the CI, see the Competency Index for the Library Field in the U.S. ASN-D2L triplestore. Click the expansion icon for a full view of the individual assertions on the left; click on a specific assertion to see the assertion’s metadata description on the right. Additional information on the project and its development can be found here on the Exploratorium website under Briefing Papers—see in particular LD4PE Overview.

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