This documentation explains how to configure and use the Full Text extension to Apache Jena's ARQ (the module is included in Fuseki). The extension combines SPARQL and full-text search via Lucene or ElasticSearch (built on Lucene). It gives applications the ability to perform indexed full-text searches within SPARQL queries. Although SPARQL allows the use of regular expressions in FILTER, this is a test on a value retrieved earlier in the query and its use is not indexed. In other words, if you're searching for occurrences of a specific term in the rdfs:label of a bunch of products, then the search will need to examine all selected rdfs:label statements and apply the regular expression to each label in turn. If there are many such statements and many such uses of regex, then it may be appropriate to consider using this extension to take advantage of the performance potential of full text indexing.

Keywords: SPARQL, REGEX, FILTER, Apache Jena
Publisher: Apache Jena
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