While the Web of Data grows rapidly, the development of Linked Data applications is still cumbersome and hampered due to the lack of software libraries for accessing, integrating and cleansing Linked Data from the Web. In order to make it easier to develop Linked Data applications, the authors propose LDIF, the Linked Data Integration Framework. The LDIF framework consists of a runtime environment and a set of pluggable modules. It also provides access modules for replicating Web data locally via file download, crawling or SPARQL.

URL: http://wifo5-03.informatik.uni-mannheim.de/bizer/pub/Schultz-et-al-LDIF-WWW2012-DevTrack.pdf
Keywords: Data cleansing, Mapping, R2RML, Provenance, Hadoop, Cluster, Apache
Author: Becker, Christian
Date created: 2012-04-18 04:00:00.000
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