Textual tutorial describing how RDF Schema (RDFS) extends RDF vocabulary to allow for describing taxonomies of classes and properties. RDFS also extends definitions for some of the elements of RDF, for example it sets the domain and range of properties and relates the RDF classes and properties into taxonomies using the RDFS vocabulary. This page is part of a larger website, "Introduction to Ontologies and Semantic Web".

URL: http://www.obitko.com/tutorials/ontologies-semantic-web/rdf-schema-rdfs.html
Keywords: RDF Schema, Taxonomy, Classes, Properties, Range, Domain
Author: Obitko, Marek
Date created: 2007-01-01 05:00:00.000
Language: http://id.loc.gov/vocabulary/iso639-2/eng
Time required: P15M
Educational use: instruction
Educational audience: student
Interactivity type: expositive

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