These slides were used during a lecture in the course, "Practical Introduction to Semantic Technologies" at the University of Jyvaskyla (Finland). Part 1 focuses on RDF Data storage, which is broken down into categories: Native, DBMS-backed, Non-RDF DB, and Hybrid. For each category, specific tools and frameworks are described, with links. Several are described in further detail, including how to download and install them. Part 2 focuses on Querying RDF data using SPARQL. The basics of the query language are outlined with some simple example queries. SPARQL 1.1 Update for graph management is also covered briefly.

Keywords: Dataset, RDF, Triple Store, Sesame, Apache Jena, SPARQL
Author: Khriyenko, Oleksiy
Date created: 2015-11-02 05:00:00.000
Time required: P30M
Interactivity type: mixed

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