This blog post from "Voyages of the Semantic Enterprise" discusses the following issues and invites feedback: The SKOS-XL extension to the W3Cs SKOS standard for vocabulary management adds flexibility in how you track concept names, but it adds complexity and potential confusion that are rarely, if ever, worth it. Without a doubt, these issues play a role in the fact that while the use and tool support for SKOS is growing, there are few if any tools for SKOS-XL or published SKOS-XL vocabularies. An even more important factor is the lack of compelling business value that would justify SKOS-XL complexity.

Keywords: Information modeling, SKOS-XL, Simple Knowledge Organisation System (SKOS), Concepts, Terms, Labels
Author: Polikoff, Irene
Publisher: TopQuadrant
Date created: 2012-07-26 04:00:00.000
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