The Online Computer Library Center (OCLC) has published a dataset, WorldCat Linked Data (Library Science Subset), so that those who visit the LD4PE site will have static data to test their skills on or to use in creating their own learning resources.  Using the WorldCat dataset for these pursuits ensures that consistent results can be obtained from queries and that access to the dataset will not suddenly disappear.

Access the static dataset at:

A tutorial and some example queries are available for those interested in getting started in using this resource.

This dataset identifies and describes bibliographic resources gleaned from library, archives, and museum data from around the world. This subset is focused on bibliographic resources broadly related to the theme of library science.  Specifically, resource descriptions were extracted from the original MARC records if they met at least one of the following criteria:

  • FAST headings “library”, “libraries”, “librarian”, or “librarianship” in field 650
  • DDC classes “Library & information sciences” (020 through 028) in field 082
  • LCC subclasses for “Libraries” (Z662 through Z1000.6)
  • “Information resources (General)” (ZA 3038 through ZA 5190) in field 050.

Records with “[email protected]” in the 040 field (name of the organization that created the original record) were excluded. Download more detailed information (PDF, 432KB)