The UNLV Linked Data Project provides a case study of the complex topic of Linked Open Data, from an emerging concept in librarianship to practical outcome. There was very little in the literature about how to practically implement Linked Data in digital collections, so the team decided to focus on the transformation of typical digital collections' metadata. The project made significant progress outlining technologies, tools, and models that can be implemented by librarians. This presentation covers basic concepts of Linked Data and the rationale for libraries to start preparing for the adoption of Linked Data. This is followed by a demonstration of visualization tools operating on the Linked Data generated from UNLV's digital collections.

Keywords: Linked Data Life Cycle, Schema alignment, PivotViewer, ContentDM, Open Refine, RelFinder, Linked Jazz Project
Author: Lampert, Cory
Publisher: Coalition for Networked Information (CNI)
Date created: 2014-06-18 07:00:00.000
Time required: P45M
Educational use: professionalDevelopment
Educational audience: professional
Interactivity type: expositive

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