Overview of SKOS, in which the presenter asserts that SKOS is not a competitor of RDF Schema or OWL but an application of RDF Schema and OWL. Covers broader and narrower relationships, mapping between schemes, specialized labels, and descriptive notes.

URL: http://www.slideshare.net/fabien_gandon/skos-in-a-nutshell-368338?related=2
Keywords: Labels, Scope notes, Controlled Vocabulary, Simple Knowledge Organisation System (SKOS)
Author: Gandon, Fabien
Publisher: INRIA
Date created: 2008-04-23 07:00:00.000
Language: http://id.loc.gov/vocabulary/iso639-2/eng
Time required: P10M
Educational use: instruction
Educational audience: student
Interactivity type: expositive

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